I dont feel broken anymore. I dont know
if ill forgive myself but im ok. I can honestly say that im ok, will
I cry about the situation? Of course I will but thats how I deal with
things. I thank you guys to anyone who has checked in on me, sent me
messages. Just know that it truly helped me in the time where I
couldnt see the end, when I wanted to give up. Ive learned so much
about myself in the past three years because I had to be strong.
There wasnt any other choice but to be strong and ive grown so much.
Ive learned how to let things go, how to move on. I used to always
hold onto the pain, the heartache but what good did that do? Im done
with the past and ive forgiven myself for my mistakes. But certain
people I wont forgive but thats on them not me because ive moved on.
I learned to love myself and boy was that tough. But damn am I proud
of myself for who ive become. And Ill be damned if I allow anyone to
tear me down, to break me down. I love you guys so much, honestly I
do and its amazing to know that I have people who care about me.
Remember im here for anyone that needs it, please dont be scared to
ask for help because its so rewarding when you do. Thank you for all
so much, I honestly couldnt do this thing we call life without you